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How Do We Get Started?

We would be glad to speak with you to determine how our services can benefit you and your pet, giving you a better understanding of the medical treatment option of pet physical therapy.

  1. FIRST CONTACT. Contact Good Life Physical Therapy for Animals in the manner most convenient for you:
    Email: info@goodlifepetpt.com  or  Phone: (970) 217-6632
  2. OBTAINING INFORMATION. We will discuss your dog’s needs and assist in contacting your veterinarian to obtain veterinary medical clearance.
  3. EVALUATION. An appointment is scheduled and a thorough evaluation is performed. A copy of the evaluation is then sent to your veterinarian.
  4. DETERMINE RECOMMENDED PROCEDURE. With your input, we carefully tailor the course of treatment and determine the frequency of visits.
  5. PROCEDURES BEGIN. We will begin treatment with the most gentle and compassionate care coupled with the most advanced and knowledgeable treatment methods. With kindness and skill we will get your pet to their optimum level of life.
Evaluation ( 1.0 to 1.25 hours which also includes treatment )$135
Major Treatment ( > 60 minutes )115
Regular Treatment* ( 30 to 60 minutes )90
Intermediate Treatment ( < 30 minutes )65
Travel Fee ( if ≥ 30 miles one way )20
Attending veterinary or other animal health care professional visits.
First 15 minutes are at no charge, each additional 15 minutes.15
Cancellation fee if not cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled visit.45
*Most treatments are an hour.
Pricing updated September 1, 2013
We accept cash, checks, or major credit cards at the time of service. Services for Rescue Groups and Search and Rescue Dogs may be provided at a 5% discount. Please make checks payable to Good Life Physical Therapy or Good Life PT.
Jack Russell

If you desire to discuss the option of physical therapy or rehabilitation services and how they relate to your dog’s health and condition please contact Good Life Physical Therapy for Animals.